There’s a reason why businesses hire designers to handle their marketing materials. Good design is everything. It attracts attention from prospects, makes a brand memorable and forms positive associations with consumers. A solid design also tells the world who your brand is and what you have to offer customers. If you want to echo passion in your marketing materials, good design is a must.

Whether you’re attending a trade show event, sending out a direct mailer or launching a new website, here are a few reasons why a solid design will make all the difference.

Instill Consumer Trust

Today’s brands don’t have a lot of time to persuade customers. It takes just one negative touchpoint to lose a customer forever. You don’t want that touchpoint to be a bad design choice on your part.

A strong design communicates trust and credibility. It demonstrates that you know who your brand is and what makes you different. It also shows that you’re not afraid to invest in a quality design that resonates with customers. When you’re confident in who you are, people will be confident in you.

Distinguish Your Products

Perhaps your product is truly one-of-a-kind, but it’s more likely that there are similar products out there. While listing out advantages is important, customers have to make it this far first. To distinguish your products from your competitors, you need a compelling design.

When it comes to purchasing products, people judge things by their cover. If a product looks cheap, people assume it is. Once this judgement is made, it’s hard to change people’s opinions. Give your products an edge by introducing a fresh and interesting design that is unique from your competitors.

Make Your Brand Memorable

A good design will make your brand memorable for all the right reasons. A design that is fresh and vibrant triggers positive emotions in the human brain. This makes your brand stand out and forms an instant connection to your products.

Think about some of your favorite products and what draws you to them. Is it the color? The product design? The typography? These simple details show consumes that you “get” them, and therefore, will deliver a product that meets their needs.

Create a Great First Impression

Knowing that you only have mere seconds to capture someone’s attention, you are relying on your design to do the talking for you. What do you want your design to say about you? All good things, we’re sure!

Good design makes a great first impression. It captures a person’s attention and holds it there, signaling to them that your product is worth buying. Consistency is so important for this very reason. When a brand is consistent, it reassures customers that it’s professional, cohesive and trustworthy.

Design matters to your business. A good design can take your marketing to another level and generate more exposure and sales than you believed possible.