The Exhibit Company is your trusted choice for custom trade show displays. We have over five decades of experience providing custom exhibits and trade show design solutions. Our company works with brands to create inviting and captivating live experiences for their audiences. We have design experts, engineers, and multi-media professionals working on display aspects such as light, color, texture, and scale. Here are three ways we can customize your trade show display:

1. Find the Best Color Palette for Your Display

The Exhibit Company can help you determine the best color palette for your trade show display. Having too many colors can confuse the audience and throw off the design of your booth. Too few colors can make it look dull and uninspiring. You need the optimal number of colors that represent your brand and product. We know how to design colorful, captivating displays. Our team can help you customize attractive displays unified by your primary brand colors.

If you’re planning to showcase at a trade show, we’ll choose a primary color to occupy most of the space and unify other elements in the design. The secondary color creates contrast and develops visual interest, and the accent colors highlight different elements. We can help you create stunning displays with crisp colors and graphics that spark interest from people passing by your booth.

2. Scale the Display for the Booth Size and Event

Trade show displays come in many sizes, from small to full-wall coverage. The size and design depend on your space, booth, and brand. Tech brands can use large displays to create immersive demonstrations that keep people glued to the screens. Other businesses can benefit from smaller table displays. The Exhibit Company specializes in designing custom trade show displays and stand-out graphics. You can order custom sizes and dimensions.

We use premium materials for all fabrications, making our displays durable and easy to customize. We can add texture, use unique forms, and add modern lighting to create visual effects and illusions. The goal is to match the event’s energy and position your brand strategically for your target audience. Whether you want to incorporate white space into your booth or turn the entire wall into a graphic/screen, we’ve got you covered.

3. Integrate Modern Display Technologies

LED displays and elegant lighting are standard in modern trade shows. The Exhibit Company has seen displays evolve from fabric and canvas graphics to wall projections, smart TVs, and flexible screens. We can help you incorporate modern technologies to provide high-quality imagery throughout your displays. Our team is experienced in designing interactive experiences that are astonishing and inviting to visitors walking through your exhibit.

We install everything from the booth to the digital displays, tabletops, and marketing material. Our company also provides audio and visual equipment using the latest display technologies and designs. Technology can set you apart from other exhibitors in the trade show. We have advanced display systems in different dimensions, so you can find custom solutions for your booth. Our company has everything from classic displays to smart interactive touchscreens.

Create Your Custom Trade Show Displays Today

Working with a trusted exhibit company is the best way to get custom trade show displays for your event. The Exhibit Company has worked with global brands for more than 50 years. We strive to enliven your brand, engage its audience, and catapult your image through stunning displays. Our team can handle all display aspects from design to fabrication and installation.