Covid-19 has made it difficult for most trade shows to go on, with many organizers switching to virtual events to fill the gap. Custom trade show exhibits allow corporates to interact with participants online and showcase their services or products. At The Exhibit Company, Inc., we captivate audiences by creating real-life branding in a style that can be seen, touched, and felt by conference-goers. Virtual trade show displays have been instrumental in keeping these events going during the pandemic.

Define Your Brand

For successful, memorable branding, your company should have vision and mission statements represented in your displays. Your exhibits should match and promote your company’s identity. Visitors will have a greater, longer-lasting impression of your brand if your virtual trade show displays look professional. 

The display should communicate to the client what you do and who you are. Online attendees will get an idea of what makes your business unique. The goal is to persuade them to engage with you further. With a customized design, it’s possible to promote your company’s name even through a virtual event. 

Our clients believe we are a reputable, exceptional custom trade show booth manufacturer. Check out our reviews and portfolios to see why! We give our best to every project. We work with every client, from creating a simple idea to implementing a major production. Our company will design, develop, and build the displays we produce for our clients.

Communicate About Your Services & Products

Effective virtual trade show displays link you with visitors and provide information about your business’s services and products. The display should indicate product features and demonstrate ways to use them. 

A good display will show visitors what sets your company apart from others. Choose content and designs that align with your company’s objectives.

At The Exhibit Company, we offer trade show exhibit designs that make you an exception from other exhibitors. Our firm will assist you in designing, fabricating, and installing everything from your booth to your visual/ audio equipment, digital displays, and tabletop marketing collateral holders. 

Create Interactive Virtual Trade Show Exhibits

The interactivity of virtual trade show displays adds interest and excitement to potential clients. Corporates can use a mix of offline and online elements like geo-location services, smartphone apps, social media interactivity, and much more to capture the interest of virtual attendees. 

Your industry will determine the elements to use. Find out if group demonstrations, games, large-scale videos, or webcasting are the best elements for your company booth.

Our multi-media professionals, engineers, and design experts work with elements like texture, scale, light, technology, and color to create personalized trade show exhibits that complement your brand. As attendees check your exhibit, they’ll have an amazing experience that intrigues and astonishes them. 

Find a Custom Trade Show Exhibits Design Company

Prepping custom trade show exhibits is no small feat. Enlist the help of a professional virtual trade show exhibit design company like The Exhibit Company, Inc. to create incredible displays with efficient technology, unique creativity, and original designs. Our company designs memorable, unique trade show exhibits that can be adapted for online events. It’s all about providing visitors with an exceptional experience that keeps them returning even after the show ends.

Contact us if you are ready to take your event to the next level!