Creating a memorable exhibit may sound like a tall order when everyone is dabbling in the latest technology. Between digital signage, augmented reality, and interactive touch screens, most exhibits are demanding attention – and getting it. How can you ensure that your trade show booth not only stands out but leaves a lasting impression on visitors?

Here at The Exhibit Company, Inc., we have a few secrets that have worked for our clients. We’re happy to pass this information on to you in the hopes that you can design a memorable exhibit, too!

Create an Atmosphere

Don’t just build a great exhibit – build a great atmosphere! Let’s say that you have a yoga studio and are looking for new clients. Rather than having a booth with a banner, create a scene that matches your business. This might include essential oils, soothing music, and dim lighting. As people walk by, they’ll see more than a booth. They’ll see a recreation of your studio.

Use Storytelling

We can’t say enough good things about storytelling. In fact, we include storytelling in almost all of the exhibits we build. By telling your brand’s story, you connect with people on an emotional level and give them a reason to choose YOU. Show your human side and explain how your company came to be. A yoga studio owner might share a story of a client they helped. People love stories, so pick one and go with it.

Show Your Products

This may sound obvious, but we encourage you to re-evaluate how your products and services are being displayed. If you offer a service like yoga classes, you might think that showing your products is impossible. But, you can give people an idea of your service through virtual reality. Google Cardboard is an inexpensive way to dabble in VR. If you have physical products, be sure they are featured in a way that people can interact with them.

Hand Out Branded Swag

The way to people’s hearts is with free stuff! You might think that everyone will be tired of receiving promotional products, but very few will turn down a free item, especially if it’s useful and relevant. Choose branded items that relate to your business and engage with everyone you hand them to. To promote a yoga business, you might hand out colorful stress balls, personalized yoga straps, duffle bags, water bottles, or yoga mats.

When you put some thought and effort into your trade show event, it will show. Many businesses need to think outside the box, and this is when the best ideas come forward! You might not think that a yoga studio would have a lot to gain from attending a trade show, but as you can see, that’s not the case. Follow the methods above and you’ll be on your way to creating an incredible exhibit that won’t go forgotten.