Transmedia storytelling is multiplatform storytelling. It is the technique of sharing a narrative across multiple media platforms (film, online, print, social networks, stage, television, etc.) where unique content is presented via each individual platform. It is also sometimes referred to as cross-media seriality or transmedia narrative. Transmedia storytelling can even involve simpler presentations over just a few low-tech media platforms.

This cross media technique is important for corporate event branding. You want your brand and message to reach as many people as possible. The use of transmedia storytelling ensures that your branding will be accessible to everyone who attends the event.

Indeed, there are definitely some major benefits to transmedia storytelling:


A Multimedia Approach

The multimedia approach of transmedia storytelling reaches a broader audience and more people. They become more familiar with the brand and the product becomes a familiar part of people’s lives. The multimedia content more actively engages audiences because the approach easily permeates people’s everyday lives.

A transmedia production engages an audience by developing a story across numerous forms of media in a way that presents unique content in each one. It creates a brand that can reach global readers, users and audiences in a number of different platforms. This is due in part to its appeal to different learning styles including visual, aural, verbal, social, and solitary.


Fully Participatory

Another benefit to this approach is that it is fully participatory. Online sources agree that the target audience will more easily become actively involved with the product brand. The audience is now transformed. Each member is now a participant or even a creative and social collaborator. They suddenly hold a stake. They now have an emotional investment in the brand.


A Stronger, Self-Promoting Picture

Transmedia storytelling involves users from a broad perspective. It tells the tale about a specific product or brand through the all-encompassing use of any and all media and design to present the event attendees, and consumer base, a complete picture of what a company’s brand is all about. Every single bit of copy or image can also have its own sub-plot and tell its own story.

Even a slogan on trade show signage at an exhibit event can allow the brand to present itself. It is imperative that your brand is reaching as many people as possible through multiple channels. After some consumer research, discover what media channels are the most engaging for your industry and start planning some new media techniques. The return will be eye-opening.