The Exhibit Company has decades of experience helping businesses create unique branding so that they are remembered by customers and clientele. We provide custom displays for events, conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions. We also design business environments and leverage cutting-edge technology coupled with imagination. If you’re looking for custom trade show exhibits, TEC is your team.

Our Environments

Anyone who walks by your business should instantly recognize what it aims to achieve. This is the goal of marketing. TEC can help you create captivating environments through strategic branding. We specialize in providing tangible displays to engage your target audiences.

Our team will help you build awe-inspiring showrooms, refine your properties’ architectural design and boost the aesthetic of your corporate lobbies. We’re also experts in delivering memorable trade show booths. Environmental branding requires creativity, strategy, and quality fabrications. TEC is well versed in all these aspects, with over 50 years in the industry.

Our priority is your needs— TEC is ready to follow your plan and help you create high-quality displays. You can also employ us to conceptualize, create, and design your work or storefront environments.

Our Exhibits

If you’ve secured space at an upcoming exhibition, captivating your audience should be your primary goal. Hundreds of businesses are all out to invite people to their booths. The Exhibit Company has 50+ years of experience designing custom trade show exhibits. We’ll help you with design, creation, and installation.

Custom exhibits and displays can set you apart from other companies. People are drawn to inviting, professional, promising, and creative signage and design. At TEC, our motto for custom exhibits is “abundant creativity and careful strategy.” We deliver presentations that incentivize your audience to attend your next show.

TEC provides expertise through all aspects of custom exhibits.  Our team can help you prep the best conference booth and leverage tech to get you the edge over your competitors. You can also use online tools to manage your schedules, calendars, files, design concepts, and budget.

Our Events

Corporate event management is one of our specialties. We cover planning, production, and management, and strive to create more engaging shows. Each new event is an opportunity to improve on previous experiences. We’re fully focused on understanding the niche market, tailoring to your target audience, and delivering on your needs.

Planning a successful event calls for experience. You need to manage conflicting concepts, vendors, styles, approaches, and capabilities. TEC steps in so you can focus on running your business. Our team can handle program design, event logistics, tent services, and other key aspects. We’ll work with your vision or help you refine, build and execute one.

TEC can help you plan and execute corporate events and trade shows. We prioritize ironclad logistics and have an experienced team ready for all eventualities. Our event management teams can help you run a seamless event to achieve your objectives. TEC covers all permanent and semi-permanent structures, including the following:

  • Tents
  • HVAC
  • Flooring
  • Generators and power distributors
  • Lighting and audiovisual equipment
  • Graphics
  • Executive restrooms

Our Graphics

Graphics are a core element of design and branding. The challenge is designing graphics that share the core business message without overloading, confounding, or boring. That’s why investing in professional graphic design aid is well worth the cost! The TEC team can review your mission and objectives to design graphics that align with your brand personality. The goal is to grab attention and convert leads to sales. Our designers are talented and experienced in creating brand-oriented graphics.

TEC can help you create powerful graphics, banners, flags, vehicle fleet wraps, advertising signage, and stage graphics. Our team can deliver grand format trade show displays with clear images. We’re also experts in minimalist displays and graphics. TEC leverages the latest technology to provide quality displays that stands out from the crowd. Our teams work with a brand strategy and utilize their creativity and expertise to design graphics that your audience will appreciate.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

The modern consumer has all the resources easily accessible to find the latest solutions, products, services, and technologies. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, you’ll be up against the market competition and need the best presentation in order to capture the attention of those modern consumers. Custom trade show exhibits give you the best chance of captivating the audience and creating interest in the business.

Some businesses have in-house teams, while others rely on businesses like ours. The Exhibit Company delivers innovative exhibits and trade show technologies. We’re an experienced group of imaginative graphic designers, savvy engineers, and strategic marketing experts ready to catapult your brand to the next level. Everything we do, we do hand in hand with your business— so that you are totally in control and achieve the look you want at the highest-quality delivery you and your customers will love.