You have seconds to capture an attendee’s attention, so you can’t be lackadaisical when it comes to how your display is decorated. It could be that one addition that breaks the ice and gets the conversation started. To ensure that your booth display stands out among the hundreds or thousands of others, here are six decorative additions to consider.

1. Overhead Hangings

Floor space is precious and you want to keep things simple, so think about bringing people’s attention upwards. Overhead hangings make a booth appear larger and utilize unused space. They also instill curiosity in people, especially from a distance. Be sure to keep your overhead banners consistent with the rest of your materials for a cohesive and professional appearance.

2. Dynamic Seating

Trade shows are tiring! People spend several days walking the floor, exploring products and services, talking to sales reps, waiting in lines and more. Invite people to your booth by offering flexible seating. Position the couches and chairs in a creative design that facilitates conversation. Charging stations, snacks, bottled water, and small tables or ottomans are also worth adding.

3. Faux Stacked Stone

Wood walls and stone walls are becoming incredibly popular in homes, and they also make a great fit for sharp trade show displays. Use faux stacked stone or wood panels to create a beautiful and rustic wall. Add a fireplace, seating and some reading materials to politely invite people into your home.

4. Dramatic LED Lights

The LED lighting can add wonder and intrigue to your booth display. Luckily, these lights are relatively inexpensive and can create amazing effects using various shapes and structures. Some examples include rope lights, wall wash-up lights, flex lights, track lights, and recessed downlights.

5. Living Wall

Another cool idea is a living green wall. It will certainly capture the attention of your audience! You can use plants, foliage, fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc. to achieve this look depending on what works best for your brand. If you like the idea of an interactive 3D wall but don’t want to use foliage, line your products along the wall instead.

6. Photo Op

People love creating memories with pictures. In the age of selfies and Instagram, spaces are being created within hotels and restaurants just to take selfies. This can be just as beneficial to a tradeshow booth. It will, both, draw attention and ensure your display is captured in a memorable way from the perfect angle.

These six decorative additions should get the wheels turning. For assistance creating a booth display that rocks your next event, contact The Exhibit Company, Inc. today.