We only have one year left before a new decade begins, so it’s no surprise that successful brands are looking to maximize their output. A novel idea or problem-solving product can be just the thing your brand needs to be a viral sensation.

Before you start investing in new products and services, it’s best to start with the basics: getting your brand noticed. Once you have a wide and engaged audience, you can introduce them to your latest innovations.

Here are four effective ways to grow your brand in 2019.

  1. Be a part of something bigger.

The best companies don’t just sell products because they can. They give back to others to make the world a better place. Not only does this generate positive PR, but also it makes people more likely to support the brand.

If you haven’t already, find a way to connect your brand to something bigger. That may be donating a certain percentage of each purchase to a charity, being active in various organizations, or starting your own non profit. If your purpose is meaningful, people are more likely to be customers.

Mable, a company that makes bamboo toothbrushes, is an ethical brand that donates one toothbrush to a U.S. child for every toothbrush purchased. The CAUSEBOX delivers socially conscious products four times a year. Each box has a story and helps create a better world by donating meals, providing clean water, and more.

  1.  Create a culture that aligns with your brand.

Great brands have great cultures. They deliver authentic messages, have loyal supporters, and maintain a strong voice in their community. Your culture should align with your brand and invite people in for their own experiences with your products and services.

There are many ways to build a culture, and one of them is by attending trade show events. Local and large-scale events provide a platform to tell your brand story and bring your products and services to life. It also supports online and offline marketing by establishing relationships in a face-to-face setting.

  1. Prioritize the customer experience.

Everything you do should be focused on the consumer. If you ever think that you’re getting away from this, reassess how your target buyer would feel. Know their pain points and what they expect your product or service to do for them. Keep on top of your customers, as their wants and needs are likely to change over time.

If you’re not sure how you’re meeting your customers’ needs, ask them. You can take polls or surveys on social media or chat with leads at trade show events. The more you are open to meeting with and listening to your customers, the more you can learn from them.

  1. Be a thought leader in your industry.

When someone needs a product or service similar to yours, it’s your brand that should stand out. Aim to provide valuable, educational content that informs your target audience. Participate in conversations on social media, particularly LinkedIn. Attend trade show events in your industry and support local events, as this lets you put a name with a face.

The more you contribute relevant material to your audience, the more your brand will show up in the right conversations. This reinforces your brand within your industry and also exposes you to new audiences. To appeal to a wide demographic, diversify your content with blog posts, infographics, podcasts, printed materials, and interactive content.

Leave a mark on this decade by growing your brand with the four tips above. To bring your vision to life and start building your custom trade show exhibit, contact The Exhibit Company, Inc. today.