Whether you plan on hosting a single-day event or a weekend-long conference, your event should be memorable and exciting. Not only will people want to return for other events you host, but also you can earn a reputation for building supportive communities that embrace entrepreneurship and social benevolence.

We’ve included five tips for staging events to market your business and become an industry leader.

1. Create an intimate environment.

The first thing to consider is the content of your event. What topics would your attendees enjoy talking about? When you decide on this, find speakers that are capable of delivering rewarding, meaningful speeches. They should also be capable of delivering stories that are personal and relatable.

2. Switch up the content of the event.

When selecting speakers, look beyond interactive dialogues. Not everyone enjoys sitting through lectures, so consider Q&A sessions, breakout groups, workshops and discussions. You can also come up with your own formats such as setting up one-on-one time between speakers and industry leaders. This creates deeper, more intimate experiences.

3. Strive for diverse speakers.

Many conferences are too narrow in the content they deliver. While it’s important to have a focus, think about collaborations and connections that are more unique. Look for speakers that have variations in their backgrounds, geographies, races, genders and expertise. This will keep the content varied and appeal to a wide range of perspectives.

4. Start off with a bang.

Always begin your event with a bang. This gives attendees the right energy from the beginning. Keep the flow of energy going with strategic planning. Carve out time for breaks, lunch and even hours of sunlight. For example, business workshops are best held in the mornings, while heavier, emotional topics are best for evenings.

5. Include music and entertainment.

No matter how rich the conversations are, there is no replacement for music and entertainment. Music sets the stage for the event and helps people come out of their shells. Entertainers break up a long day and form positive connections between guests and the workshop. Just be sure that the music and entertainment provided align with the tone of your event and values of your company.


If it wasn’t for businesses taking a step out of their comfort zones, we wouldn’t have trade shows, conferences, workshops and other events today! If your business is looking forward to hosting an event, start small and include varied speakers, music and entertainment, and a memorable atmosphere. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and simply grow from there.