People attend trade shows for dozens of reasons, such as discovering new products and services, learning about a particular industry, and engaging with the brands they love. Even with advances in internet technology, such as video conferencing and Facebook Live, trade shows remain an important part of the marketing mix.

When planning for your next trade show event, consider the many ways that your exhibit can impact potential customers.

Create Positive First Impressions

Brands are constantly vying for their customers’ attention, so people have no choice but to tune some of the noise out. When you’re at a trade show, however, people are there to learn about your products and services, so this is your time to shine.

You can create lasting impressions by designing an attractive exhibit with giveaways and branded swag. Try staffing your booth with your best employees who are prepared to answer questions and engage with potential customers. When people leave your booth, they’ll have a positive impression of who you are and what you have to offer.

Engage in Face-to-Face Marketing

Online marketing is incredibly convenient, but it lacks a very basic element: face-to-face interaction. Nothing competes with this level of communication because it’s personalized and convincing. Again, your booth staff should be carefully chosen because you want people who can turn on the charm and hold your prospects’ attention. The next time people hear about your brand, names and faces will come to mind.

Have a Higher Chance of Converting

By attending a trade show, you can provide your sales team with a higher quantity and quality of leads. It’s easier to convert leads at a trade show for a few reasons. First, the people attending the event are ready to learn about your products and services so it is important to remember that you are not interrupting them.

Second, face-to-face interaction makes it easier to keep people in the funnel. If there are hesitations, they can be addressed on the spot. Plus, people are often happier to convert at a trade show because their information can be taken down without having to deal with online forms.

Sell Products Directly to Consumers

Some people go to custom trade shows because they prefer direct sales opportunities. Rather than having to wait to get their hands on a product or go through a third party, they can sell a product from the main source. This is why it’s a good idea to always have something to sell at a trade show. You don’t need to have a lot of stock, but it’s important to have a few items for people to purchase from you.

In the end, a trade show can have an enormous impact on a potential customer. There are far less distractions getting in the way, plus you have the opportunity to build a long-term connection. All of these factors can turn a curious prospect into a lifelong customer.