According to an independent report released this January, Copenhagen, Denmark, ranks as the #1 international destination for flight punctuality, making it one of the top cities for trade shows, meetings and conventions in the world. Scandinavian countries have long had a stellar reputation for efficiency, and Denmark is no exception.

Copenhagen also gains points for easy accessibility. Because it is a smaller city, it is possible to get from the airport to the city center in fewer than 15 minutes by metro, and it only costs five euros to do so.

Of course, your next big conference will likely be held somewhere closer to home. Of the 200 largest annual trade shows in the United States, 50% take place in Las Vegas, Chicago, or Orlando. But no matter the destination, you still need to ensure that your trade show exhibit is managed well and flows smoothly, showing your company in the best possible light. And while you can’t control where the trade show is held, you can make sure you design custom exhibits for your company that really make it shine.

So what can you do to ensure that your custom exhibit displays stand out from the crowd, whether you’re in Copenhagen, Denmark or Sheboygan, Wisconsin?

Here are three tried and true techniques for producing professional custom exhibits.

1. Come up with a Coherent Theme

Ideally, everyone would stop and talk to you in order to find out more about your products and services. In reality, people will be walking by and getting first impressions of your booth within mere seconds. That’s why it’s crucial for your entire space to have a cohesive theme and identity, both in terms of your visuals and messaging. Having a six­-word tagline describing your brand that people can interpret within three seconds is key. Experts recommend using sans ­serif fonts like Helvetica (a serif font would be something like Times New Roman). Just make sure, of course, that any font you use matches your brand vision.

2. Adapt To Your Environment

A good rule of thumb for sizing your text is that there should be an additional inch of height for every foot away an audience is. If the average person walking by will be four feet from your booth, for example, you’ll want text that is at least four inches in height for unstrained reading. Before designing custom exhibit booths, always check the physical specifications of the host site. For instance, high ceilings can be used to your advantage, letting you literally rise above the crowd.

3. Work With an Expert: Trade Show Exhibit Companies

Remember: you only have one chance at creating a stellar trade show booth design. A company that specializes in unforgettable custom exhibits can be your best chance for making the right impression. Ultimately, a strong exhibit with clear messaging ensures that the people entering your custom exhibits are actually interested in your specific product and not just confused about what you’re selling.

Careful custom exhibit design is the way to go for showcasing your brand. Use these tips so that your next trade show runs smoothly!