Portable hybrid exhibit displays offer a custom look but without the high price tag. These trade show displays can do basically everything an exhibitor can dream of: assemble quickly, ship light and reconfigure to various trade show environments. If you are looking for an affordable trade show display solution that won’t compromise a polished, custom look, a hybrid display is a great option.

How is a Hybrid Exhibit Display Different?

Not that long ago, trade show exhibit designs were far more limited. Exhibit options were generally divided into two groups: portable displays and custom exhibits. Portable displays refer to pop up displays and modular exhibits, while custom displays are built from wood and other sturdy materials.

Today, we have a middle ground: hybrid exhibits.

Most of the latest exhibit designs are considered “hybrid” because they offer endless value for the money. Rather than being heavy and cumbersome, these exhibits are lightweight, easy to assemble and allow for multiple reconfigurations. In a sense, they are the best of both worlds – a lightweight, portable display with limitless design possibilities.

Setting up a hybrid exhibit is typically a one-person job that consists of opening up the framework and locking it into place. Taking it down is equally simple, and the contents fit into a single bag. Imagine the resources that your company can free up with this flexibility!

Benefits of Portable Hybrid Displays

If you are considering a portable hybrid exhibit for your next trade show, here are some benefits to consider:

  • Easy to keep fresh. Because portable hybrid displays are flexible, you can switch out the graphics at any time. This is an easy and inexpensive way to update your exhibit as your needs change, or as you exhibit to unique audiences.

  • Endless creative possibilities. To keep the display lightweight, aluminum frames and tension fabric graphics are generally used. The rest of the details can utilize the materials of your choice, such as metal, wood, plex or glass.

  • Budget friendly. Portable exhibits come at an incredible value. The materials used are lighter, so you can save in this department. Also, because you have more control over the design process, it’s easier to make cost-conscious decisions.

  • Simple logistics. Not only can you save money on the display’s construction but also on the logistics. Portable hybrid displays are lightweight, easy to ship and easy to store, so you don’t need to depend on third-party shipping and storage solutions.

Portable hybrid exhibit displays may be a great addition to your trade show marketing strategy. To learn more about these affordable exhibit solutions, contact The Exhibit Company, Inc. today.