You don’t attend a trade show to sit in the corner and watch people walk by. You attend one to draw crowds to your new, unique trade show booth, generate leads and develop relationships. So how can you attract attention at a noisy and crowded event? Put your trade show signage to good use!

Below are a few tips to help you make the most of your trade show experience. By maximizing the use of your signage, you alleviate the stress on yourself to attract people and ensure that your exhibit is getting noticed by the right people.

Go Custom

Picture yourself being an attendant at a trade show and walking down rows of booths. This gets redundant and repetitive, so it’s smart to shake things up. The best way to be different is to have a custom trade show exhibit created for you. Though you want to keep your branding consistent (colors, font, messaging), custom signage gives you control over the design.

Use Bright and Bold Colors

Your signage needs to make smart use of color. Of course, you want to keep your color palette consistent with your marketing materials, but you can use them in creative ways to draw interest. Let’s say your brand’s colors are red, green and blue. Instead of using all three colors on your displays, apply one color to each sign. This looks crisp, clean and sophisticated, plus helps deliver your message with simplicity.

Incorporate Lighting

Lighting is an excellent companion to your trade show signage. By placing natural lighting on your signs, you can make them stand out against the crowd. The right lighting can also draw attention to your exhibit and give your signage a fresh and unique appearance. If you have a display booth built, you can incorporate the lighting into the signage for an even greater effect.

Tell a Story

Another way to grab attention through your signage is to tell a story or allow your visitors to engage in one. For example, you can set up a series of roads and road signs for guests to “travel” on. Each step of the way can be something unique to your brand, such as an explanation of your product and how it can be used in the person’s life. Interactive storyboards also work well for this purpose.

Trade show signage is what many people will see first, so it’s crucial that it’s large, vibrant and well designed. Working with an exhibit design firm is helpful because you have control over the creative process. You can also use the signage for future events, or you can rent it for a limited amount of time. Call The Exhibit Company, Inc. to learn more about growing your brand through effective signage.