A great trade show booth design makes it a lot easier for people to notice your exhibit. As brands continue to make their exhibit booths bigger, brighter and bolder, it’s more important than ever to build a display that incorporates unique design aspects your neighbors won’t have.

Here are the top five custom design aspects that you should give attention to and the impact they can have on your brand.

1. Graphics

Graphics are some of the most important elements of a trade show booth design. The right signage calls attention to your booth and gets people interested in what you have to offer. With such a busy show floor, it’s important that your signage is high impact. But, don’t get too crazy, otherwise you might confuse visitors. Pique their interest, but don’t overwhelm them with excessive information or graphics.

Custom graphics to consider for your display are:

  • Pop up displays

  • Panel systems

  • Hybrid displays

  • Truss systems

  • Tension fabric displays

  • Hanging displays

  • Banner stands

2. Color Scheme

Colors evoke emotion in people, which is why brands are careful about the shades and colors they choose for their marketing materials. For example, green is the official brand color for Angie’s List, which represents renewal, nature and freshness. Pink is calming, reassuring and hopeful and used for brands like TMobile, Barbie and LG.

Your brand colors should be tied into your custom display, but you’ll need to choose others, too. If your brand colors are already bright, opt for metallics or unique textures instead. If your brand colors are neutral, work in vivid, bold colors that will help get your exhibit noticed.

3. Lighting

Lighting is another design aspect that must be considered. A well-lit home can magnify your property and increase its curb appeal, and the same is true for your trade show booth.

Plus, illumination is a subtle way to get the attention you deserve, and it can be used to create a journey or hierarchy for visitors. For instance, you can brighten certain areas of your exhibit or allow areas to light up when people interact with them.

4. Flooring

Flooring is often overlooked as a custom design element, but it shouldn’t be. The flooring you choose pulls the overall design together and gives it a sense of completeness. Be mindful of the flooring texture and color, as you want them to complement your design, not clash with it.

Here are some of your options for trade show flooring:

  • Interlocking carpet tiles

  • Interlocking foam tiles

  • Hardwood flooring panels

  • Rollable vinyl flooring

  • Artificial turf

5. Storage

Storage space is extremely useful during your event, so don’t overlook its significance. With ample storage space, you can reduce clutter and keep your booth looking its best. After all, a messy or busy display can be distracting to visitors.

Consider locked storage areas that are good for storing phones, tablets and other devices. Include shelving or underneath tables for keeping promotional items, water bottles, snacks and other merchandise.

A lot goes into creating the perfect trade show booth, but these are five areas to start with. They can be customized to meet your needs and ensure an eye-catching and brilliant exhibit. For more information on starting your custom trade show design project, contact The Exhibit Company, Inc. today.