Are you bored with your trade show exhibit? It may be time to invest in a state-of-the-art custom exhibit that highlights your brand’s strengths. However, just because you know that you need a new exhibit does not mean that the rest of the company will agree. Trade show booths are an investment, and you might need to prove your case. This is a lot easier to do when you know what your exhibit is lacking!

Here are three ways to tell if you can truly benefit from a new trade show exhibit.

Your trade show booth lacks the latest technology.

Is your booth built around the leading technology, or does it still cater to literature stands and business card holders? If it’s the latter, you definitely need to step it up. More and more displays are integrating technology in one way or another. Whether it’s digital signage, touch screen kiosks, virtual reality, or LED lighting, brands are stepping out of their comfort zones and getting imaginative.

Technology helps your brand stand out at large events because it demands attention and separates your display from the rest. It also allows you to engage with visitors while creating personalized experiences. For example, while you speak with a potential client, others can enjoy a relevant slideshow on your kiosk. This is a lot better than having people stand around waiting to speak with you!

Your exhibit is small and cramped.

A lot of businesses start off with a small 10×10 display for obvious reasons. It’s more affordable and allows them to see what’s worth investing in. However, if you’ve been relying on a small display all this time, an upgrade to a 10×20 will make a world of a difference. Not only do you get a larger trade show booth but also a larger space at events. This can literally double your impact!

With a larger display, you have room to incorporate more technology, more staff and more products. But, you can also use the extra space to free up your design and make it more attractive. Too much information can confuse and distract visitors, so allow for more white space with a clean, breathable design.

Your trade show exhibit is an eyesore.

If you’re just plain tired of looking at your custom display, chances are everyone else is, too. Some of the things that people notice first are faded images, worn out fabric, outdated logos and generic signage. Why invest in trade shows if your exhibit doesn’t do you any favors? With a clean, updated design, you can get people excited about your brand again.

When you work with The Exhibit Company, Inc. you can expect an outstanding custom trade show exhibit completed on time and on budget. We’re familiar with the latest technology, so we’ll work with you to choose the best assets for your booth. The best part about designing a new exhibit is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or overpriced. Some of the best designs are clean, sophisticated and effective. They deliver the brand’s message without being overpowering in the details.

To learn more about creating your custom exhibit with The Exhibit Company, Inc., contact us today.