Planning a trade show is a highly involved process that requires months of planning and coordination. Between booking hotel rooms, ordering trade show supplies, and managing communications, there is plenty to keep you busy in the months prior. Unfortunately, one small miscommunication can compromise the success of your trade show. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, it’s best to customize your event to your exact needs.

Below are four great reasons to plan a custom trade show to impress vendors, sponsors, and attendants.

  1. Stick to Your Budget

Budgetary concerns are always a main issue for trade show organizers. Where should the event be held? How much should you spend on marketing materials? What type of food should be served? With so many ways to spend money, it’s helpful to narrow down your options.

For example, if the trade show is for toy vendors, consider choosing a menu, entertainment, and location related to this theme. It’s cheaper to play music in the background (think Kidz Bop) than hire live entertainment. Also, hosting your event at a school gym or cafeteria is less expensive than renting out a banquet hall.

  1. Display Your Individuality

There are hundreds of trade shows for businesses to attend, so what makes yours unique? Personalizing your show can make a huge difference in whether people return to your event in the future.

Better serve the needs of vendors by customizing your event. If your trade show is about organic food, serve up a healthy menu, incorporate 3D presentations, and invite industry leaders (e.g., organic farmers, horticulturists) to share their experiences.

  1. Meet Your Objectives

What objectives do you have for your trade show event? Do you plan on generating awareness toward a particular cause? Is your intention to bring together businesses for networking opportunities? By defining your goals, you can create a custom trade show to meet these exact needs.

Let’s say that you want to connect engaged couples with local vendors that do flower arrangements, catering, printed invitations, and more. Plan an accommodating layout with premium booths that feature more space and extra outlets. Consider how many people will be attending your event so that you can make it comfortable. You want people to enjoy their time and stay as long as possible.

  1. Draw in the Right Vendors

When you have a tailored trade show plan, you can present it to potential vendors. They will want to see your layout to determine if it’s something they’re interested in. Offer tiers of pricing on your booths. This way, people who are willing to spend more can get a space that is larger and nicer.

Customizing your trade show is a great move that allows you to focus on a specific audience while saving money and offering something unique from your competitors.