Want to get the word out about your upcoming trade show? Social media is one of the best tools you have to promote your event. As you get more comfortable using social media to share information, you’ll find what works best for your audience. Better yet, it costs nothing to post your event to social media, unless you want to boost your posts. Even then, you can set the budget and stay on track with your spending goals.

Below we share the various ways social media can be used to boost trade show performance.

Before the Event: Generate Buzz

Social media is an excellent platform for raising awareness. Don’t just announce your attendance – create excitement! Post information about when and where the conference will be held, who will be attending and the incentives for visitors. Giving away a free gift, promotional item or bottle of water is a great way to drive immediate traffic to your booth.  

Rather than sharing the details upfront, slowly leak out information. This builds anticipation and keeps eyes on your social channels. Those who plan on visiting you will enjoy learning about the conference, what to expect and how to benefit. Plus, you can reach a wider audience because people will be more likely to comment and share your posts.

During the Event: Create Excitement

On the big day, use social media to communicate with your audience. Create a hashtag that is specific to your event so that people can follow the conversation. Allow guests to check in via Facebook when they arrive. Post updates to all social media accounts to keep the positive vibe going. Visuals like photos and videos are the best ways to get noticed on social media.

Some things to announce include:

  • Giveaways
  • Special appearances
  • Entertainment
  • Drawings
  • Freebies
  • Online contests
  • Voting polls

After the Event: Follow Up

Once the trade show is complete, social media can be used to converse with new contacts. Thank them for visiting your booth and get them up to speed on the best ways to contact you. Do this as soon as you can – you don’t want people to forget about you! As a result, you should get some new followers and email subscribers.

For those who couldn’t make it, keep them engaged with photos and videos from the event. Reach out and offer other ways of connecting with your company. You don’t want this group to feel like they missed out on something special. In fact, you can continue your promotions so that everyone can benefit.

Social media is one of the best promotional tools you have. It can be used to create anticipation before and during the event and as a way to communicate afterward. By integrating your social media marketing strategy and trade show attendance, you can be most successful in raising awareness, drawing in new customers, and improving communication.