Are you ready to make an impact at your next trade show event? Developing a strong event brand is an effective way to build credibility, loyalty, and awareness. It also helps you stand out at events where your competitors are vying for the same attention. Get ready to impress and dazzle your audience with these corporate event branding ideas.

Social Media Props

Encourage visitors to stop by your event booth and take photos by offering a custom Instagram or Facebook frame. By custom-making a frame, you can control your logo and ensure that all details are accurate. Assign one of your employees to take pictures and upload your favorites to your social channels. You can also incorporate other props that are relevant to your business, such as word bubbles, themed props, and more.

Take-Home Gifts

Branded take-home gifts are a nice change of pace from traditional promo items. Rather than getting one item, visitors get a fun gift that has several surprises. We love the idea of handing out burlap bags with personalized gear such as a pen, notepad, and highlighter. Or, fill a personalized mug with branded food items like coffee and powdered creamer.

Branded Food and Drinks

People get hungry and thirsty from walking around trade show events, and there are often long lines for food. Give attendees a reason to visit your booth by offering snacks and beverages. Use this opportunity to brand yourself. Napkins, plates, and cups can be customized with your logo. Chocolate bars and cookies can have your logo imprinted. Food packaging labels are also good branding options.


Gobo is a cut out stencil of a logo. Light shines through the stencil and projects onto a wall, ceiling, or solid surface. Static or moving images both work well, and you can add various colors depending on the light source you choose. Gobos are a great way to get your brand noticed from across the room – just seeing your name gets people familiar with it.

Interactive Kiosks

Let customers see a different side of your business by offering interactive kiosks. This can be expensive, but it may be worth it for your audience. Choose a game or interactive feature that is relevant to your audience and allows players to earn points. The points can be used to “buy” something from your booth such as a branded shirt, embroidered lanyard, or a sample of your product.

Event branding captures the essence of your brand throughout the event. To stretch your dollar further, leave the exact date off your materials. This way, you can use the items for other events and continue promoting your brand in the most powerful ways possible.