Marketing events are more than just a sale sign in front of a store. Trade show display companies from all over the U.S. are cashing in on trade shows and expos happening mostly in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Orlando. About 50% of the nation’s 200 largest shows occur in those three cities. According to B2B Magazine, these events make up the second largest area of growth in a marketing spending budget, digital being first.

Trade shows are not just popular in the U.S., they are also held and attended by people all over the world. China, for example, is home to the Meat Expo China, which is in its 12th year. The three-day expo allows businesses to showcase innovative technology and machinery, meat and meat-based products, and total solutions for the meat-processing industry.

In 2015, the event was held in Shanghai and hosted more than 5,000 visitors from 10 different countries. Trade show exhibit companies are well aware of the benefits of such international marketing events and design custom exhibit booths and custom exhibit displays for other businesses to stand out from the rest.

An experienced trade show display company knows the guidelines for display graphics and the importance of space at these events. Space is limited and although there are many things to do, audiences do not spend much time on content that isn’t attention-grabbing. Exhibit graphics are very important to getting consumers to connect with businesses. This is the purpose of attending a trade show and if the consumers are not responding, there lies a problem within itself.

A good trade show display company understands that less is more and has an understanding of how to balance creating visuals that are exciting, yet not too distracting from the company’s message. This is not something most marketing departments are able to do in an environment like a trade show. For this reason, they connect with exhibit design firms and, in return, see an increase in product sales and a significant return on investment.

If your business is looking to expose the benefits of their product to the general public internationally or simply test consumer responses domestically, trade shows are the best way to do so. Once you’ve decided to attend an event like this, contact The Exhibit Company, Inc. and make your product the next big thing.