A good trade show exhibit company should be your one-stop-shop for custom exhibit designs that will maximize your trade show exposure. Hiring trade show booth builders may seem like a minor task on your to-do list, but it’s important to make sure you’re working with someone who will take the time to get to know your company, understand your goals, and believe in your brand as much as you do.

Booth exhibitions are the first line of encounter for many trade show attendees, which means they can really make or break your chances for drumming up new business with vital clients. Here are four qualities you should look for when considering a custom exhibit design firm:

They Work With Your Brand.

Your trade show exhibit company is the silent partner behind your trade show display. They’re there to help you look good. They’ll make sure to understand your company brand from the inside out, and they’ll work with you to make sure that the message conveyed through your display is consistent with your goals in everyday business.

They Understand the Power of Graphic Design.

A good exhibit design takes into account the buzzing dynamics of the trade show floor and gives careful attention to long-range, medium-range, and short-range details so attendees from anywhere in the exhibit hall can see and get to know your business from all angles.

They’re Flexible to Your Needs.

Every trade show floor is different, and your flexibility in terms of your both size and set-up is key to ensuring a smooth and effortless presentation every time. A quality exhibit design can be modified for designs of different sizes — 10X10, 10×20, 20×20, and so on — in order to accommodate every trade show scenario while still maintaining the energy of your brand through visual enhancement.

They Draw People In.

The typical trade show attendee spends hours walking around the show floor and taking in all of the booths on display. A good design should draw in that weary visitor, even in the ninth hour. You want your design to be engaging and memorable without being gimmicky or tacky.

When you’re looking to outsource the design of your trade show exhibition booth, don’t let just anyone throw something together for you. Your exhibition is the primary representation of your business, after all, so working with a one-stop-shop exhibit house company, like The Exhibit Company, Inc., to capture your brand and invigorate your audience is well worth it.