Trade shows have long established themselves as top marketing opportunities and continue to be popular in recent years. In fact, a study by B2B Magazine found that events are second to digital in the amount of money businesses spend on media and marketing. Typically, about a third of a company’s total marketing budget is allocated for activities like events and exhibiting. Businesses are able to reach potential customers and other businesses in just about every corner of the United States.

Exhibit design firms take attendee metrics and event logistics into consideration when planning a custom exhibit display. What will grab an attendee’s attention? What will make another business look to this particular business to solve their problem? Strategy is essential in trade show marketing and choosing a firm with experience is key to maximize results from your exhibit house investment.

Business-to-business buyers are on average a little more difficult to sell to than consumers. For one thing, they tend to be more rational with their decision-making process, because the effects of the purchase can have an effect on the business and sometimes its employees. Consumers, on the other hand, are more likely to make an impulsive purchase or indulge simply because they can. If a consumer sees something of interest to them and is given the right pitch, they are likely to make a purchase right away without much time to decide. Businesses are usually looking to make a purchase for a long term product that are more complex and require additional support after the purchase. For this reason, the decision must be thought out carefully for choosing the right vendor.

The best exhibit design firms recognize the difference between the two audiences and tailor their exhibit graphics around this. Full-service exhibit design companies have the resources to create custom exhibit booths for companies who understand that trade shows allow them to connect with not just consumers but other businesses that may need their products or services as well. For this reason firms, like The Exhibit Company, Inc., produce multi-dimensional brand experiences to influence audiences to act fast. Not only do they produce stunning custom exhibit graphics and interactive booths, but they also provide on-site support to manage these booths as well.

Product demonstrations using custom exhibit booths give prospective buyers the chance to ask questions, see exactly how the product can benefit them and, in many cases, get feedback from other customers. These things greatly increase the chance of making a sale and establish a trusting and confident business relationship that will result in great future profits.

Trade shows are a vital part of the marketing plan of any business. They are a great way to let potential customers truly experience the product where they may not be able to otherwise. Proper planning and hiring the right exhibit design firm can help marketers take advantage of the benefits that come with trade shows and achieve the ultimate goal of increasing profits. So view our exhibit showcase and get in touch with The Exhibit Company, Inc. to discuss your next event, today.