Virtual reality has the potential to change the way we shop. Global Market Insights predicts that the augmented reality market will double in size by 2024. Blending real experiences with virtual experiences will be used to enhance products and services, not disrupt them. Though these new technologies may seem far-fetched, they are becoming more mainstream every day. Will your business one day benefit from virtual reality? You bet!

Let’s explore some of the ways that virtual reality can change the way we shop.

Try Before You Buy

Consumers will have the option to “try” the product or service before buying it. This will lead to more confident purchase decisions, which works well for companies that deliver a lot of value. However, if companies are unable to deliver a good virtual experience, it could ruin sales.

Brands will have to work hard to ensure they are delivering a quality product. Minute details – thickness, smoothness, durability, etc. – will be visible. Reputable businesses will appreciate not losing customers to cheaper, inferior products. Customers, too, will be able to make more confident purchase decisions.

Immersive Views

Immersive viewing allows consumers to inspect and view things that normally aren’t possible. For example, a car manufacturer can show people the inside of a car engine. A contractor can show how a home is built. A hotel chain can take people to several different locations in a matter of minutes. The impossible is made possible with immersive viewing. This will make shopping more enjoyable – and more of a pastime. It may take longer for buyers to make a decision, but they will be building brand awareness and loyalty in the meantime.

Better Recall

The human brains remembers visual content better than text, so just imagine what the brain can recall when it hears, sees, and smells things! When shoppers have an interaction with a brand through VR, the experiences will not be forgotten. Let’s say a travel company takes you through a tour of the ocean. These interactions would stimulate the mind and prompt you to seek those same feelings again. The next time you’re asked to recall which travel company you want to work with, you will remember these positive experiences.

True-to-Life Size

Knowing the size of a product can help consumers make more confident decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how a particular shirt fits or if a red sofa would look good in your family room? These are all features that you will eventually be able to determine through VR. Not only can you get a true-to-life idea of how various products fit, but also view the spatial properties between two products.

VR and AR are going to change the way we shop and buy products online. The experiences will be more enjoyable, more true-to-life and more memorable, all leading to enhanced confidence when buying products.